Runner tummy issues


Ran 9 miles, 1:26:42, 9:38 pace (9:27, 9:29, 9:52, 10:32, 10:03, 8:50, 9:20, 9:50, 9:18). I’m getting faster, but I need to speed up if I want to run a half in under 2 hours. This run felt great…except for my tummy issues. If you easily get grossed out by “TMI,” maybe best to skip this post πŸ™‚

I usually eat a banana about 45 min before a long run, and I never have any issues. My first few miles were good, slow warm-up miles. Then after mile 3 my stomach started to yell at me. I wasn’t sure if I was going to have to turn around and find a bathroom, but I kept on going.

Every mile after mile 3, I either had “holy crap I need a porta potty” or “oww, cramp” feelings.

I brought a gel to take at mile 6
I brought a gel to take at mile 6

I was going to try out a different gel today (I’ve tried Honey Stinger and GU), but I decided I didn’t want to risk it. I didn’t want to be that lady hiding in the bushes, crying, as I waited for someone to come pick me up because I had an accident.

Luckily, after I turned around at mile 4.5 (out-and-back run), a woman was running in front of me. She was running at about the same pace as me, so I just focused on keeping up with her. As she saw me behind her, she definitely sped up, but I easily kept up with her and waited for her to tire herself out. It worked; I passed her after about a half mile. My pace sped up after that because I didn’t want her to leap frog me, and then I hit the dreaded stop light…

I jogged in place as I waited to cross the street, but when I started back up, I just couldn’t get my rhythm back. Around mile 8, I started to feel a nasty blister coming on so I started to sing the lyrics to the songs that I was listening to to keep my mind off of it. Sing in my head. My B.O. is enough torture for fellow trail users.

Pretty feet.
Pretty feet.

After my run was done, I was just happy I completed it sans “accident.” Hey Chocolate Covered Race Medals, did you do your long run too?? πŸ™‚

One of the best ways to make sure you complete your planned workouts is to have someone else keep you accountable. Tell a friend, family member, your barista, etc. that you are running x miles. You’re more likely to complete that run just so you don’t have to say, “No, I was too tired/it was too hot/my dog ate my homework.”

My post workout meal. I also added hot sauce which was incredibly risky since I had tummy troubles. But at least I was at home with direct access to bathrooms.

Egg whites and avocado
Egg whites and avocado

Don’t forget to roll and stretch!

Skyler likes to help me roll
Skyler likes to help me roll

And crawl over me…

Mom. 'xcuse me, mom. Helloooooo!
Mom. ‘xcuse me, mom. Helloooooo. Whatcha doin?

Happy Saturday everyone πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Runner tummy issues

      1. Do your best and forget the rest! I had to learn that the hard way as well. A lot of factors can make a run change from day to day. Just do your best and be proud of your accomplishments! Keep it up!

  1. Good job on the running!
    I don’t know if runners use moleskin to help prevent blisters but I use it when I go on long hikes and it works great.
    Keep up the good work!

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