Lefties and Running with Dogs


Ran 5 miles, 9:28 pace- not great, but I’ve definitely done worse. I ran part of the way home after work. It was 86ish degrees but at least there was a breeze.

I also did a wall-sit and little strength training

Wayyy better than last time. Room for improvement!
Wayyy better than last time, but room for improvement!


I forgot to mention yesterday, Happy International Left-Handers Day to all you lefties out there (*cough Mom *cough)!


We celebrate the weirdest things, but who cares if it makes people happy πŸ™‚ Wait, when is International Dessert Day? Anyone?


Do you ever run with your dog(s)? I do occasionally, but it’s not my favorite thing to do. And this is weird because I LOVE my pets. I am the crazy lady who talks to them and explains what we’re doing. I WISH I loved running with my dog.

My 2 reasons why I don’t run with my pup:

  1. Running with a dog makes you look like sluggishly slow. Or at least my dog. I’m JK, this isn’t really one of my reasons. But she does make me look like I am walking. Her thoughts: you run at a 9:28 pace, you basically are walking. don’t blame it on the dog, we get enough sh*t blamed on us. those holes you think we dug in the yard- those tree climbing, nut storing, tiny bastards…probably.
  2. My dog doesn’t drink from public water sources. Along the trail, there are certain water fountains that have dog water bowls- my dog does not trust these. She refuses to drink from any public sources of water. snob. This is a good thing, but also dangerous if I take her on a run.
  3. It takes her about 1.5 miles to behave properly on a leash (only when running). She will constantly pull, or stop right in front of you, or turn around to look at you and run into you, or poop 15 feet after we leave my yard. If I take her on a run, it will only be a 3 miler because of reason #2 (I worry about her overheating). If half of my run involves tripping over my dog, sometimes it’s just not worth it. I’d rather just take her for a walk.
Resting after our walk
Resting after our walk

Do you prefer to run with someone (human, dog, ferret, etc.) or solo?

BTW I’m actually excited for my 5:30 AM run tomorrow. Boy Meets World, don’t mind if I do.


9 thoughts on “Lefties and Running with Dogs

  1. I used to love to run with Murray and we did the Iron Horse trail three days a week. It was quite the ritual with a drink of water at Pascals before and after. I had a waist leash and he behaved great (ironically, only on runs). The only thing that really bugged me was people who said “your cheating, he’s pulling you” (as he ran beside me) I finally got to the point where I responded, “I’d be cheating if I were on skates”. Murray also had a very strict 70 degree policy. Seriously- if it was even one degree above, he refused to run and would only walk. I still follow that advice- even though he’s been gone for years! Eager to rehab and take the boys out on the trail . . . I’ll even settle for walking at this point. πŸ™‚

  2. I ONLY run with my dog! He is what got me started running though. If I run by myself I feel guilty that he is missing out. I used to trip over him-once so bad (a dog jumped out of a pickup at us & spooked my dog) that I cracked a bone in my foot. Now I use a canicross belt/harness system & its great! Sometimes my dog does pull me, but he has husky/malamute blood so that’s what he’s supposed to do! Happy running! LOVE boy meets world.

    1. That’s awesome (not the cracked bone part, ouch!)! I’m jealous you can run with your dog! I think I need to work on getting her to drink water from public sources and then we can work on her running πŸ™‚ Haha my mom took our old husky roller blading one time and she said that would be the last!

      1. it took a lot of practice and the first mile is still iffy, but when he settles down its magical (; I can’t imagine being brave enough to try roller blading!

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