Boy Meets World = Amazing treadmill entertainment


Ran 3 miles, more like jogged. I was worried about hurting my shoulder and for me (and most people I think?), minimal arm swinging = slower pace.

I never thought I would say this, but I’m a little sad that we’re moving in to Fall. I actually LOVE the Fall, but this means the sun rises later…which means I couldn’t run outside before work this AM because it was pitch black when I got up…which means running on the dreaded hamster wheel or run in the dark. The dark and clumsy people don’t mix. Which meant the treadmill.

It actually wasn’t that bad, I got to watch Boy Meets World. Man I love(d) that show. So excited they’re making a spin off!


Also, did you notice they’re putting new stickers on bananas now?

Photo Jul 18, 1 36 23 PM
“I’m good with kids”

If this whole going back to school thing doesn’t work out, I could be a nanny and post this around town. You would hire me right? I would also hold a “free candy” sign just to really sell it.


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