Bike riding in Livermore wine country

Happy Sunday!

Today, Kyle and I went on a bike ride with my BFF Shanna and a few of her friends. Shanna is actually the person I am running my (our) first half marathon with. We’ve been training separately because we aren’t always free at the same time.

We have known each other since we were 3-4 yo. and have gone to the same schools up until college. She’s a crazy good acrobat. Get ready to feel crappy about yourself.

She’s the one in the middle, with her head in her thighs

She actually just came back from Nationals and took 1st place 🙂

Again, the one in the middle- doin the splits

If you’ve never seen acro (or heard of it) here’s a video I found on YouTube. Obviously it’s not Shanna, but you get the idea.

Anyways, back to today. I drove out to Livermore (Kyle rode out there on his bike and met us there). I was incredibly nervous to go bike riding because I’m not the most comfortable riding near cars. Luckily they said we would only ride a short bit in the town, and the rest of the ride would be in wine country.

We stopped at Wente Vineyards for a couple minutes to hydrate. This was taken from the their website cause I forgot to take pics…

We stopped at Wente Vineyards for a couple minutes
Hydrate with water guys.
Photo Aug 11, 10 15 24 AM
I’m surprised I didn’t crash after he took this

I only crashed once…on the way out of the parking lot. That takes a special kind of talent right there. If it weren’t for my turtle-like reflexes, I could have seriously injured myself. Don’t tell my mom cause I was riding her bike. My beast of a bike is about 7 levels below a Schwinn- from a Target sale from the 90’s. But hey, it gets you from point A to point B, faster than it would if you were pulling yourself in a wagon.

Maybe some (many) years down the line, I’d consider doing a duathlon…if I get more comfortable on a bike. Or if they give me my own bike lane.

It was about a 15 mile ride. Pretty easy, some hills but nothing bad. It was beautiful out there and I would definitely go back. Maybe I’d get on my bike 1/4 mile after leaving the parking lot next time.


12 thoughts on “Bike riding in Livermore wine country

  1. I’ve definitely fallen off the bike in the most random of places. My best was on a path that had grass on either side. I guess I wasn’t paying attention and caught the edge, causing my fiance to ride right over me, and two biker coming the other direction got a front row view of it all.

  2. WOW!!! CONGRATULTIONS to your friend Shannon! Those two pictures of her are incredible! How is that even possible that she can do that? Crazy!
    Your ride through the wine country sounds nice!
    Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  3. I have always wanted to ride a bike through Livermore wine country. Or at least run out on the trails there. I see so many cyclists and runners, makes me want to jump out of my car and join them. haha.

    One of my biggest fears is falling off my bike, that and getting hit by a car. I haven’t done road biking in a long time. I stick to trails mostly.

    Hope your shoulder heals up. Keep icing and resting it. Maybe rub some Tiger Balm on it. Smells like hell, but it helps.

    1. Haha yeah, after seeing all the running trails/bike paths, it makes me want to go back out there!

      I also stick to trails, I like the Iron Horse Trail for biking but it does get boring.

      Thank you! It’s feeling a lot better today!

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