5K “race,” Panini, and Wall-sits


I ran my 5K “race” today! For those of you who didn’t ready yesterday’s post, today was my unofficial, timed 5K run.

Photo Aug 10, 1 39 49 PM

3.1 miles in 25:39, 8:17 pace (8:26, 8:31, 7:52). This makes me want to run a timed mile again because I feel like I should be able to run a mile faster than 7:46 if my last mile of my 5K was 7:52.

I have to give a huge thank you to Kyle for helping me today. I was debating running the 5K on a track = super boring. Instead, I ran on the Iron Horse Trail and he rode ahead of me to tell me if I could run straight through the cross streets (so I wouldn’t have to stop for cars). Best boyfriend.

I made him/us lunch


Here’s my stereotypical runner blog photo. I don’t like taking these pics because I feel like they are meant for girls with long legs, but I have to keep the stereotype going…

Pasty white legs and photo-bombing dog
Pasty white legs and photo-bombing dog (she’s looking up at me so it’s hard to tell that that is a dog)

I tell Kyle, people don’t think that I run because I’m not any sort of tan. I usually run in the AM…That’s okay, my skin will thank me later.

I also wrapped his birthday presents this morning. Our “boy wrapping paper” selection is not quite as impressive as the girls. I love these colors and patterns but I think it’s still a little effeminate. sorry babe.

Oh, yesterday I did my wall-sit. I usually do leg exercises (lunges, squats, etc.), but for some reason I haven’t done wall-sits in over a year. I definitely need to practice because it was quite a pathetic performance.

My dog likes to photo-bomb
My dog likes to photo-bomb

Sienna needs to work on her wall-sits too. She gave up wayyy before me.

Happy Saturday πŸ™‚


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