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Super random Wednesday


Ran 4 miles. Today was a “pace run” so I was supposed to run at my half marathon pace. I thought I would be slower but I actually ran faster, at an 8:49 pace. My last mile was 8:15 which shocked me because I felt like the old man power walking on the trail was moving faster than me.


You know your day will be a long one when you start off like this.

It's hard to tell but those are 2 different shoes
2 different shoes.

Good thing I’m not allowed to wear sandals to work.


Last night’s leftovers for lunchy

So good with my whole wheat pita bread!

But I do apologize, to anyone I talked to after lunch, for my offensive garlic breath. worth it.


I finally found the only existing work pants that will fit me. I bought these online during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale because I do not own a proper pair of work pants. For some reason, they just do not fit me. I’ve had to buy pants from teen sections because that’s the only place I could get a proper fit- but those usually look to casual for something like an interview.

Spot the kitty
Spot the kitty- if you don’t pass this test, I’m surprised you can read this.


This evening, I took Sienna to visit her brother (her actual brother, from the same litter).

Photo Aug 07, 8 31 44 PM


Saw this on Yahoo and I had to share. Some guy proposed to his now fiancee, by posting ridiculous memes on Reddit. If you’ve never heard of Reddit, you’re probably a girl ๐Ÿ˜‰ – people say it’s the Pinterest for boys. I don’t necessarily agree, but everything they say on the internet is true you know.

Here are some of the memes:




I think this is the actual page. At the bottom there’s another link to click on, which leads you to pictures of couples.ย Cute if you’re into that sort of thing.ย I know vocal inflection is hard to detect on a blog, but Kyle, sense the sarcasm. ๐Ÿ˜‰

One more random thing I saw on Yahoo: A missing boy in Australia was saved by kangaroos. Rule # 357 why I love kangaroos. See Kyle, it would be a practical pet. They would save my life.

Have a great night ๐Ÿ™‚


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