Morning freak out and an afternoon movie

Today was supposed to be my long run (8 miles). Oops.

I woke up with a really bad headache (allergies), dehydrated, and feeling like I only had 4 hours of sleep. I was going to go later in the day and then other things kept popping up.

I let Sienna out when I got up, fed her, and then let her play. BTW this is what Sienna does every morning when you put her outside. She runs over to her scratching bush, which used to have a lot more branches near the bottom…

Scratching bush
Ohhhh that’s the stuff

As I was eating my breakfast, I saw her out of the corner of my eye, limping on by. I started to freak out and had her come inside. It appeared as though she had done something to her hip- which I know is common in labs. Horrible thoughts started to fill my head as I called the emergency vet. Luckily, we have a veterinary clinic with urgent care near by that charges normal fees if you make an appointment. I made the appointment and left a message on Kyle’s phone (he was on his ride) because I would need his help lifting her into my car without hurting her hip.

I called my mom (who wasn’t home) to let her know what was going on. She told me to check her paws just to be safe- I found a little thorn stuck in one of her rear paws. hello over-reaction, nice to meet you.

I took the thorn out (it was barely in there), cleaned her foot, and put antibiotic ointment on it. I waited some time to make sure she stopped limping, and luckily I was able to cancel her appointment. crisis Amy-meltdown averted.

I'm fine mom
I’m fine mom

and no, your eyes aren’t bad- the photo is that blurry.

I attempted to rehydrate myself the whole morning but I didn’t feel well enough to run until late afternoon. Kyle and I planned on going to see a movie in the afternoon, so my run just never happened. Today was a rest day and tomorrow I will run. nbd.

Kyle took us to see Pacific Rim


We also got a free popcorn. Score!

The movie was entertaining but I wouldn’t say you need to go see it. It had quite a few cheesy moments and some of the acting was just awkwardly bad. Watch it when it’s on TV or if you don’t have to pay $26. But we had fun!

Afterwards we went to dinner. Generally speaking, Kyle and I prefer not to go to huge chain restaurants because we find it more fun to try local places. However, I had a giftcard for Chili’s so that made our decision easy.

We did the 2 meals for $20 deal- 1 appetizer and 2 entrees for $20, not bad.

Appetizer of chips with guac and salsa

Kyle ordered ribs and I got a salad to try to offset my unhealthy chips. not how it works…

Chicken salad

Average salad. I forgot to ask for no cheese and the dressing on the side. I really don’t like shredded cheddar on my salad. I find it doesn’t add flavor so it’s only adding Calories and fat.

Except for my morning, I had a good Saturday. I’m hoping that I wake up feeling great so I can go on a strong 8 mile run tomorrow.



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