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Half marathon reward and straw clumpage


Jogged 3 miles. My hip has been feeling weird the past few days. Today was the first day it felt normal, but I wanted to play it safe and just do a light jog.


Right now I have a pretty busy schedule. I have my usual full-time day job, marathon training, and GRE studying (which I’m actually taking a short break from)- and now I’m working part-time for my aunt. Her boss needed some extra help while my aunt is away on vacation.

I have flexible hours and good pay, but this side job makes me appreciate my actual job. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciate the side job. It just made me realize how much I enjoy my day job.

PLUS, I’m using the money I make (from working for my aunt’s boss) to pay for this:

Marc Jacobs

I’m not one to go out and purchase expensive items on a whim. I’m boring and I put my paychecks into savings, investments, and 15% into retirement. future amy thanks me.

BTW Disneyland says this is what future Amy will look like.
BTW Disneyland says this is what future Amy will look like (left).

good luck future kyle. Kyle says this is what I will look like, on my exclusive bacon diet, eaten at my job at the coal mines.

Anyways, I’ve been wanting this bag for a few years now and my current crossbody bag that I’ve had since high school is deteriorating. So I told myself when I first started training for my half marathon, that after I finish my first race I can buy the bag.


On a completely unrelated note: My breakfast, 50% of the time, comes in a cup like this

Matching nail polish to your cup is a must
Matching nail polish to your cup is a must

I talked about it in this post here. I was asked at work today, how do I clean that pesky straw? Why, with my super secret method of course! Here is an easy way to prevent nasty leftover clumpage from dirtying your smoothie straw. i think i made up half those words in that sentence.

After you finish your drink, rinse it out right away. Don’t wait until that stuff dries in your cup, it makes it much more difficult to clean. Use the bathroom sink at work, or if you’re lucky like me, you have a kitchen nook with a sink.

If you’re using a bathroom sink, you’re just going to want to rinse your cup and straw (inside and outside) with hot water. Sorry, not a great tip.

If you have access to a kitchen sink, wash the cup and straw with soap and water (like you normally would do), attempting to get as much food out as possible. After it is clean, fill the cup with drinking water, and drink water from the straw. You get hydrated, and sucking that water through the straw clears anything left behind when you washed it!

yeah, sorry that i built that up, it’s not so secret and not so super.

Happy Tuesday 🙂

2 thoughts on “Half marathon reward and straw clumpage

  1. Nice bag! Glad to see you’re thinking about the future too. Disneyland needs to get some new software! Thanks for sharing some of your London pics. That picture of Kyle in the bunk was hilarious.

    What’s in your breakfast smoothie?
    Keep up the jogging!

    1. Haha thank you!

      My smoothie always has protein (either greek yogurt or protein powder), chia seeds or flaxseeds, almond milk, and kale or spinach. Then for fruit I usually mix it up, today it had frozen mango and banana.

      Thanks! I’m tryin’!

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