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Naughty snack and relationships


Ran 4.02 miles, 9:36 pace. I’m surprised it was even that fast. Yesterday, my rest day, I made the brilliant decision to add a lot of squats, lunges, and other leg exercises to my workout, which made my legs really tired today. I know it’s good to run on tired legs, but this was not fun.


Deal of the day:

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I have something naughty to admit. This morning, at 9:40 AM, I ate a macaron. I like to think that these are made from egg whites, which is an acceptable morning food, ergo an acceptable morning snack. My friend occasionally brings macarons to work (her boyfriend brings them to her- awwwww) and she’s super cray nice and shares them. I don’t have a photo of the one I ate because I shoved that sucker right into my big fat mouth before I could remember to take a pic. Here’s one from the website though:

I die
I die- I had a red one (we think strawberry)

Speaking of boyfriends, Kyle and I are trying a new thing- Tuesdays after work I will go to his house, and Thursdays after work he will come to mine. We used to see each other every. single. day. (I just realized the tone I created might come off as “it. was. horrible.”- but I meant quite the opposite).

Right after I got this apartment in Berkeley
Right after I got that apartment in Berkeley

This was a lot easier when we were in school. From the time we started going out in 2009, we were never apart for more than 2 days until 2012.

Photo Jun
I went to Quebec with my mom (and dad) on her business trip

But when we both started working full time, it became increasingly difficult to hang out on work days. We go to work, get home, eat dinner, have an hour or so to relax, then it’s bed time. So we decided last night that we will make a bigger effort to hang out during the week (weekends we usually see each other every day, plus we try to have a date night).

My sister has asked me advice about relationships, sometimes asking for herself and sometimes for friends. I think this new Tues/Thurs thing is a good example of- relationships require work.

I’ve told her that I think relationships require work, but they shouldn’t be difficult. (Keep in mind this is just my opinion. I’m no expert- to many couples, I’m still in a “new” relationship). By this I mean that there is a difference between putting in effort and struggling to get along. Having fun and being happy should come naturally. You will argue and endure hardships, but at the end of the day your significant other should be the one you can count on, be the one you want to go to, and be the one who makes you happy.

Bday Party

This concludes your counseling session for today.

3 thoughts on “Naughty snack and relationships

  1. If you want to have ” nice things
    ” you have to take care of them…you two take pretty good care of each other.

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