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Fitness Meets Fat Pants


Ran 5.10 miles, 46.36, 9:08 pace. Pretty easy, would have gone farther if I had more time. This run was wayyyy better than last weekend’s. It was definitely necessary after yesterday’s lunch- read on.

I read a post by SkinnyRunner about the 4 rules to becoming a successful blogger. Since I am a new blogger, and still trying to get followers (thank you so much to those who are currently following me, you’re the best!), it’s great to hear from an “expert” that I’m doing things right. Here’s my proof:

1. “You must love froyo”

Well, I must admit I hate the word “froyo,” but I do LOVE frozen yogurt. Come on people, it’s 2 more syllables, say the whole thing. Since today is National Ice Cream Day, I obviously celebrated by getting frozen yogurt with Kyle. I’m not the biggest ice cream person, but I’m always down for frozen yogurt.

It's fat free
It’s fat free which means you can eat more. It’s science.

I’ve asked Kyle if we could have it for dinner several times. He always calls my bluff and says sure, knowing the physiology and metabolism (my major) nerd in me just can’t do it. Touche sir. I’ll do it one of these days and the poor meat-loving guy will be kicking himself.

A weird fact about me- I would never be able to get (self-serve) frozen yogurt by myself because I always ask someone else to extract the delicious ooze from the machine for me. Every time I have tried to do this myself, the machine never shuts off when I stop the lever. aka I break it. The frozen yogurt Gods are trying to tell me either a) you were not meant to eat frozen yogurt, or b) you need more frozen yogurt. We’ll go with the latter.

2. “You must embrace the selfie, bathroom selfie, mirror selfie, and so on.”

This one is still hard for me. I always feel awkward taking pictures of myself. I did take this one recently, but I had a secret motive:

Awkward selfie in work restroom
Awkward selfie in work restroom

I actually took this picture to send to my grandpa. That morning he had a scam phone call (is that the correct term?) in which a girl called claiming he was his granddaughter. She said she was in trouble and needed $2000 but she couldn’t ask her parents. My grandpa called my mom, worried that something had happened to me. So I sent this to him saying that I was fine and I would never ask for money. (He said no to the girl and she hung up). My PSA for the day, please tell your grandparents/parents/loved ones to never fall for this stuff. Horrible people out there.

3. “You must take pictures looking down at your shoes. How else will people know you work out?”

Haven’t quite mastered this one. My opinion is that you need to have super long, toned legs to pull these off.

4. “You must share every detail of your life. How else will people think you’re fun and exciting and busy?”

To follow this rule, here is what I did yesterday!

It started off healthy. For breakfast, I had organic NF Greek yogurt with this new granola my dad bought at a farmer’s market. I like that it’s basically made from those 3 ingredients you see on the front.


Later, Kyle and I went into the city for my annual eye appointment. And we went from healthy, to bring-out-the-fat-pants. We got lunch at Super Duper Burgers.

They were super duper.
They were super duper.

Kyle’s hand and the angle makes it look smaller than it actually is. He got the super duper burger (2 patties), and I got the mini (1 patty). And obviously we had to get garlic fries. They were nice and crispy (not limp like garlic fries can be), had the perfect amount of garlic, and had cheese on top. So good. Oh and they had homemade pickles. I lovveee pickles. They were good but they had a weird after taste I wasn’t a fan of.

Photo Jul 20, 5 14 19 PM
Get in my belly

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and go get frozen yogurt! Or ice cream I guess…



5 thoughts on “Fitness Meets Fat Pants

  1. didn’t know (or remember) you were a pickle fan. Once I’m a bit mobile, and before the end of the summer, Travis and I are planning a big pickle canning day!

  2. How was the granola? Did you have to cook it like oatmeal or do you just add milk and have it like a cereal? Was the quinoa crunchy like granola? Only 3 ingredients, I wonder if you can just blend it yourself and it would be the same??? I like that it is GF.

    Those burgers do look yummy!

    Thank goodness grandpa didn’t fall for the scam, terrible people out there…

    1. I really liked the granola. My only complaint is that the dried fruit is a little too hard. I did not cook it. I dumped it straight into my bowl of Greek yogurt. It is a little crunchy, but not as hard and crunchy as your typical granola- more like an oat.

      I tend to never eat granola as cereal. Granola is usually very caloric and can have a lot of fat if you’re eating a lot. Usually good fat, but still. So I stick to granola as a topping to yogurt for added crunch, fiber, and satiety.

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