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What to do after taking the GRE to prevent yourself from punching strangers


Ran 3 miles on the treadmill. Hard- I hate running on the hamster wheel.

Today I took the GRE. The test material isn’t actually that hard, but I think the time constraints are what make it challenging. I need to learn to stop second guessing myself. yes Amy, 2×2 will always be 4. But we aren’t going to talk about the test because I don’t feel like bumming myself out. BTW, I took this 3 minutes after I arrived at the test center.

This was taken 3 minutes after I arrived at the test center. The GRE started at 8...
The GRE started at 8…I don’t like being late.

Anyways, after the GRE, my plan was to go for my run. I got home and it was 91 degrees F, so I opted to run on the treadmill.

I also decided to make macarons. Fun fact (I might be using the word “fun” incorrectly)- macaron (or French macaron) refers to the colorful egg white, meringuey cookie filled with stuff. Macaroon is the yucky coconut cookie that most people do not like. They are pronounced the same.

Back to my point- I like to bake when I’m stressed (or even when I’m not), and I have yet to master the macaron. Here is my attempt (I won’t post the recipe and instructions until I create a completely successful product)-

Sorry it’s hard to see- I drew my circles first. Huh, geometry was good for something.

Do this step 1st.
Do this step 1st.

My not-so-symmetrical, non-baked macarons. I will try to have smoother tops and thicker cookies next time.

Resting for 1 hour.

Here they are after I took them off of my parchment paper. A silicone mat would work better, but I’m too lazy to go buy one. There were several casualties during the parchment paper removal process. Out of respect for those lost, I will not show photos.


The finished product. I filled these with Nutella. Normally I would make a filling from scratch, but I want to perfect the cookie before I spend all that time on a filling. I bet the Oreo people felt the same way.

Ta dahhh
Ta dahhh.

As if I didn’t throw enough photos at you today (although I would think that’s more interesting than listening to me babble), here’s how I ended my day:

Photo Jul 19, 7 29 47 PM

My parents wanted to celebrate my being done with the GRE. I don’t think this is cause for celebration because I will be taking it again, but hey, free food.

Some of the stuff my parents ordered
Some of the stuff my parents ordered

Another “fun” fact- I didn’t like sushi until my boyfriend made me try it. I try to ignore stereotypes, but I do think it is a bit ironic that my white boyfriend made me (Japanese) try sushi.


2 thoughts on “What to do after taking the GRE to prevent yourself from punching strangers

  1. thank you thank you for an evening giggle. That “white” boyfriend of yours is a treasure (and my baby) πŸ™‚

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