My Gear

Before I talk about my gear, if you’re interested, PROCompression is having a deal on this marathon sock! Enter the coupon code: TUBE at checkout and get 40% off! Expires July 31st. I’ll talk more about their socks later in this post.

I’m no running expert, but I thought I should write a post on the running gear I like. If you’re anything like me, I like to read reviews before purchasing any new gear.

I think I’ll go from head to toe.

When the sun is out, I generally wear my Nike running hat (looks similar to this). I’m not saying you need to go out and buy this particular hat, but I think a hat/visor is a good investment. I hate wearing my hat, I look really dorky in it because I have a large head and a lot of hair. thanks parents.

Full of secrets

However, it gets the job done: keeps the sun off my face and keeps me cooler (as in temperature, we all know it makes me dorkier). I’d rather look like a dork for an hour if it helps protect me from skin cancer, wrinkles, and sun spots.

If I don’t wear a hat, I usually wear a headband. I use a Lululemon headband that was thoughtfully given to me by my boyfriend’s mom. Love this sucker. I’d buy more in other colors if I wasn’t so cheap didn’t think socks were more important. I think that’s the only thing from Lululemon I can afford.

I always run with my Nike iPod armband (to carry my phone, that barely fits). I don’t always run with music or listening to an audiobook, but I always have my phone. I think it’s important (for myself) to train without listening to anything. I don’t want to be in the middle of a half marathon race, have my iPhone stop working, and then mentally not be able to finish because I am dependent on music. I also think it is important to run with a phone in case of an emergency. I have a bad back, so my fear is that my back will go out and I’m stranded somewhere.

How I picture myself in this scenario

I also run with my Garmin Forerunner 10 running watch. Love it.

Love it.
My timed 1-mile run.

I used to run using an app on my iPhone that told me distance and time, but I found it just wasn’t always accurate. One time it told me that I ran a mile in 6:10. yeah right. I couldn’t do that if I was being chased by Aaron Hernandez a murderer. This watch allows you to view 2 windows (toggle back and forth) that you can set- I like time/distance and pace/calories. You can get more advanced watches ($$$) that output more data, but for a beginner, this was perfect. I also like that it doesn’t look huge on a female wrist. To read a better article about Garmin watches, check SkinnyRunner out.

I’m not going to go in to detail about sports bras, shirts, and shorts/running skirts/pants because this varies a lot for me. Just wear something. Nakedness is only acceptable at Bay to Breakers.

I love my PROCompression socks. These are the trainer low socks. I always buy them on sale because I am too cheap on a budget. I didn’t really realize the importance of good socks until I ran only 3 miles and had massive blisters all over my feet. I tried the Marathon socks once but even the XS are too big for me. I’m only 5’1” so they went past my knees and weirdly the foot piece of the sock was too big (but the low trainers are fine).

Me at Disneyland
See, I’m not that short. I can ride Autopia.

To learn more about the benefits of compression, again, check out this post by SkinnyRunner. I really notice a difference when I wear compression sleeves after my runs.

Shoes are, in my opinion, the most important item when it comes to running. I use Nike LunarEclipse and my new favorite shoe, Mizuno Wave Inspire. I need more stability because I over pronate, and cushion because of my back. If you’re running a lot, I think you should rotate shoes. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t wear shoes back-to-back. The soles need time to decompress. I also like to keep track of how many miles I’m running on each pair. Shoes only have a certain number of miles in them (I think this number can vary). You can go to a lot of running stores to get fitted and more specific advice. They will perform a gait analysis and tell you what shoes will work best for you. This service should be free. Remember to get what works best for YOU (this applies to all the gear).

Things I will eventually wear but haven’t purchased yet:

  • Sunglasses– haven’t found an affordable pair that I like
  • ID bracelet– I will eventually buy one of these. I think it’s important to have something like this on you if you are running, cycling, etc. without a buddy. This is a quick and easy way for emergency personnel to get your information if needed.

Hopefully this helps someone! Please feel free to ask questions (but remember I’m no expert). These opinions were entirely my own and I received no compensation.

What’s your favorite running gear?

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