Elephant on Face Syndrome


We’ll start with the fun stuff first (well, it’s fun to me). My boyfriend had to work on the 5th (I had the day off), so I wanted to make sure he had a nice dinner to come home to. I just told him to find out what his parents were doing, and if he didn’t like that, I was making  “the sauce.” One of his favorite sauces that I make is a meat sauce.


I was excited to make the sauce in my new Dutch oven. Kyle randomly bought it for me, just cause. Don’t be jelly.

She's so pretty
She’s so pretty

I served the sauce over fresh fettuccine or spinach and cheese ravioli (dinner was also for my parents). I also bought a fresh baguette of Sour Dough bread (one of my favs). This means Kyle was able to dip bread in the sauce while the pasta was cooking, and later, “clean” the bottom of the pot after I put leftovers away. Fun fact: whenever I eat fresh bread, I smell the piece mindlessly. I never really notice when I do it, it’s like a bad habit.

Also on Friday I went to my doctor because of sinus problems. Since I can remember I have had major sinus issues. Anytime I get sick (except for stomach-related illness), I have sinus problems for a couple weeks post-cold. This includes (but is not limited to) headaches, dizziness, “elephant on face feeling,” etc.


I told my doctor about this problem and she recommended a CT scan. I told her I was hesitant to do this because I know CT scans are one of the biggest sources of medical imaging radiation. I mentioned that I had had a CT scan a few years ago for sinus problems. She didn’t know about this (she’s a new doctor) and promptly looked up those images. She proceeded to tell me I have chronic sinusitis (also, that she didn’t know why the previous doctor didn’t mention this. thanks doc.).

My doctor told me I need to have an air purifier in the house (not just my bedroom like I currently have), vacuuming needs to occur every other day (yay…), I need to do nasal rinsing 2x/day, and she recommended supplements. If you’re one of those suffering from sinus problems, I would really recommend 2 things*:

  • Nasal rinse
  • Supplements: Quercetin, Nettle, and Bromelain

I like the NeilMed Sinus Rinse. These kits are available at most drug stores, stores like Target, and even Costco! You can actually make your own, but I like the convenience of the kits.

My doctor recommended supplements; Quercetin, Nettle, and Bromelain. From what I gathered from our conversation, all 3 help with inflammation (among other things). These are all plant derived (Bromelain is actually derived from pineapple!) and can be easily found at vitamin stores and even stores such as Whole Foods.

Do you have any home remedies for sinus/allergy problems?

*Talk to your doctor before following any of my advice.


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