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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

American Flag


Worked out  with my favorite workout buddy today (Kyle).

We went for our run like this. I kid.
I ran with him on my back like this. I kid.

Jogged from his house to the high school track (~0.35 miles). Then we each ran a mile because we wanted to see how fast we could run a single mile. This was difficult for me to pace because I’m not used to running a single mile. I never go all out on mile 1. That being said, I was quite pleased: 7:46, still plenty of room for improvement. While he was running I did some step-ups and ab work. After he finished (he, of course, beat my time) , we ran up and down the bleachers 10x and then jogged home.

Sneak peek at tonight’s desserts made by yours truly! Check back tomorrow for the deats.

Photo Jul 03, 9 44 05 PM Photo Jul 04, 10 05 59 AM

Have a happy and safe 4th of July 🙂


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