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Nerding Out On Nutrition


3 miles, 27:19 (9:06 pace). Hard mentally.

I did NOT want to wake up this morning. But I rolled myself out of bed at 5:30 AM. BTW my pace yesterday was fast for me. I generally average somewhere in the 9 min./mile pace with a few sub 9 min. miles. I’m still just a jogger.

Photo Jul 01, 9 14 59 PM

Outfit: Adidas running skirt, Adidas top (thanks mom!), Nike LunarEclipse shoes, PROCompression socks (same color as yesterday but a clean pair I swear).

Today was my first time trying out a running skirt. Kinda lovin’ it. You get the feel/breeze of wearing super short shorts (built in), but without the feel of your ASSets hanging out. clever, I know.

BTW the next couple of weeks will be mostly 3 mile runs according to my run schedule. I decided to start my training over after my “injury.” This is the schedule I’m using. I basically Googled “half marathon training schedule” and found this. There are a lot of great free, online training programs out there if you’re looking!


My breakfast for today.

Photo Jul 01, 6 58 14 PM

My breakfast 99% of the time is a fruit smoothie or fruit in non-fat (NF) plain Greek yogurt. I used to get NF vanilla Greek yogurt or the cups of yogurt with fruit already in them (Fage, Chobani, etc.), but they add so much sugar (I still love ‘em)! Instead I use those fruit in yogurt cups as dessert or when I’m cravin sugar.

Today’s fruit smoothie: chia seeds, unsweetened almond milk, NF plain Greek yogurt, small banana, kale, frozen mango

Matching nail polish to your cup is a must
Matching nail polish to your cup is a must

My fruit smoothies always include fresh kale or spinach (I usually add more than pictured but I ran out). It’s an easy way to sneak more vegetables in to your diet (great for kids, and in my case, great for boyfriends) without tasting them. I happen to LOVE veggies though. I also usually add protein in the form of NF Greek yogurt or powder.

I also always add chia seeds or flaxseeds. I buy ground flaxseeds because I believe it’s better for you (you can grind them yourself). If the flaxseeds aren’t ground, they readily “pass through your system” and their nutrients aren’t being absorbed. Just my opinion. Chia seeds, I buy whole. I’ve read that they don’t need to be ground to offer nutritional benefits, plus you can do more with the whole seed. They both offer: omega-3 FAs, fiber, protein, iron, etc. Make sure you don’t add too much though, or you and the bathroom will become BFFs.


I like to switch up my fruit. Right now I’m really in to frozen mango. Tip for buying fruit for the smoothies: the fruit doesn’t have to be fresh. Fresh fruit is great, but a lot of people over look frozen fruit. Frozen fruit can sometimes have more nutrients (than fresh) because they are picked when ripe and frozen right away. Fresh fruit is usually picked early and can sit in stores for who knows how long. Some fruit needs that ripening period off of the tree, some don’t. Same thing applies to veggies. Just make sure there isn’t anything (like sugar) added to the frozen stuff.

Enough of my nerd rant. Look who stopped by to visit me last night!

Photo Jul 01, 8 02 39 PM

Kyle recently got into cycling. He stopped by my house on his way back home 🙂

3 thoughts on “Nerding Out On Nutrition

  1. Awesome healthy breakfast routine you have going Amy. I use many of the same ingredients. As you know the dairy products don’t mix we’ll with our genetics. An alternate to dairy products is coconut water, which will make it less of a smoothie. However, using more bananas can bring that smoothie feel back.

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