Desserts of Parties Past: Part 1


Walked 1.7 miles. Fast-paced, easy.

Today I woke up feeling, bleh. My allergies are killing me and I think I was partially dehydrated from yesterday so I was not in the mood for a run (plus it was already 80°F). Even when I don’t feel like working out, I try to throw in a treadmill walk (with an incline). I always feel better afterwords and I had to burn off those waffle cones from yesterday 🙂

I had a recent request to do a post on some of the baked goods I’ve made!

I made these owl cupcakes back in 2011 for Kyle’s mom’s birthday.

My buddy, his pie, me and my cupcakes.
My buddy, his pie, me and my cupcakes.

He made her her favorite, strawberry rhubarb pie cause he’s the sweetest.

Zoomed in, owl cupcakes
Zoomed in, owl cupcakes

My cupcakes were a chocolate-chocolate chip cupcake with chocolate frosting. Unfortunately I did not come up with this idea (I believe I saw it online somewhere). The eyes are the frosted half of Oreo’s with Junior Mints. TIP: When splitting the Oreo’s, heat very briefly in the microwave to loosen the frosting. The ears are made from the plain half of the Oreo’s that I had to carefully cut. The noses are banana Runts.

This is a bunny butt cake I made for Easter in 2012.

Bunny Butt!
Bunny Butt!

Again, I’m not creative and saw this on Pinterest. The cake itself was red velvet with cream cheese frosting. The tail and feet were from the same cake batter, but baked as cupcakes. I used extra long toothpicks to hold them in place. The pink parts of the feet were strawberry gummy candies, the ears are construction paper, and the fur is coconut. The “dirt” was just chocolate wafers. I saw people use crushed chocolate cookies, but I thought that was wasteful as you can’t really eat that.

For that same Easter party, I made bug cupcakes (yeah I was super busy that weekend).

Bug Cupcakes
Bug Cupcakes

I made simple cupcakes and sugar cookies. I used a circle cookie cutter for the cookies and baked the whole circle. In hindsight I would have cut the cookies in half before baking. Cutting baked sugar cookies in half, once baked, can cause breakage. Oh well, it meant more snackage. The head is just a gumdrop with licorice pieces.

All of these were very labor intensive, but I wouldn’t say they were difficult to make. Just make sure you have a lot of free time and you’re feeling patient that day. Also, I made everything from scratch (obviously not the candy parts). I always try to make desserts from scratch because I don’t like all the artificial crap most mixes add…I like to add that myself with massive amounts of food coloring 😉 My one suggestion if you do use boxed stuff, get one WITHOUT trans fats. This will read as “partially hydrogenated” oil (hydrogenated oil is saturated fat). You have to read the ingredients section because the box can get away with writing “0 grams trans fats” if it’s under 0.5g/serving (I believe). As someone who majored in physiology & metabolism, I had to give that PSA.

If people like these previous dessert posts, I will make sure to do more in the future 🙂


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