First Post!


Ran 3.39 miles, 33:52. Hot, hard run.

So I couldn’t think of anything creative to write about for my first post, so I figured I would just jump right in…

Yesterday was my first run since my “injury.”

Sexy and I know it
Sexy and I know it

After one of my runs, my toes and ball of one of my feet felt bruised. I kind of forgot about it/ignored it, went on a run a few days later, woke up the morning after the second run and couldn’t put pressure on said foot without pain. I went to the doctor and got an x-ray. They didn’t see anything wrong, but also told me it was probably too early to see a stress fracture in an x-ray. So I got to wear a lovely “post-op shoe” for a week, and then I went in for a second x-ray. My foot was fine (probably just bruised) but I was advised to not run for 2-3 weeks.

Like I said, yesterday was my first run back. I tried to get up early and run before the heat, but man I love that snooze button. I took it easy since it was already 77°F (at 8:20 AM!) and, like I said, it was my first run back.

Around noon I went to my boyfriend Kyle’s house to visit his family’s new puppy, Gus!


Later in the day, my parents, Kyle, and I drove down to Campbell to hang out with my dad’s side of the family. We were doing a belated Father’s Day celebration for my grandpa who was out of town on the actual holiday. It was fun but miserably hot. If my Aunt Sheri or Uncle Dan are reading this- YOU NEED AN AIR CONDITIONER! Love you ❤

My cousin Ally was working until 5:30 PM that day but needed to be picked up. My other cousin Sydnie, Kyle and I offered to go fetch her (30 min away) just so we could be in an air-conditioned car. Actually we aren’t that dramatic, we just wanted to pick her up. But don’t tell anyone. In my family, we really like to rub things in. Translation: giving each other a hard time = love

For dessert, my Aunt Sheri made these amazeballs waffle cones to go with ice cream.

Photo Jun 30, 6 53 51 PM

I should have skipped dinner and just ate these. I believe this is the “Pizzelle Maker” she has: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/chefs-choice-pizzelle-maker-pizzellepro-express-bake-834/

The night ended with the typical family picture that everyone complains about because my dad (always the photographer) takes forever to set everything up. We all whine, but secretly know we will appreciate these captured memories in the future. Like I said, we really like to give each other a hard time.


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