All things dog + Kurgo Dog Hammock Review

In my last post, I talked about everything I did over the holidays- and one of those things included spending a lot of time with my dog! BTW I’m going to look like a crazy dog lady when you’re done reading this.

me sienna

I promise she loves me…which is not indicated in this photo

Oh, wait. Here’s the love.

me sienna

I have a ton friends who are dog owners or who are thinking about getting dogs! I’ve shared some tips/facts with them that I wanted to pass along!

1. Dogs are allergic to a lot of foods- many of which you might not think of!

I found this on Pinterest a while back and was surprised by a few of them!

2. This is how dogs drink!

“When dogs withdraw their tongue from water, they create a significant amount of acceleration — roughly five times that of gravity — that creates the water columns, which feed up into their mouths” (source)

Isn’t that amazing! Kyle showed this to me a while ago and it finally made sense why my dog spills water everywhere when she drinks.

3. Some universities have therapy dogs that come to help students relieve stress!

Isn’t that just the best? I wish I had that when I was in school!

4. In Moscow, some dogs have figured out how to use the underground transit system to navigate the city and find food. (source)

Whhattt? I barely know how to use public transportation ;)

5. If you leave your dog clothing that smells like you, it can help them cope with separation anxiety (source).

6. Dogs can recognize over 150 words (source).

A classier kind of Corgi.

Confession- I added #5 and 6 just because I thought the photos were adorable…

Okay, now that y’all have learned random facts about dogs- I promised you a Kurgo Dog Hammock review!

Obviously I’m obsessed with my dog and love to take her everywhere. Unfortunately when I moved out of my parents’ house, I wasn’t allowed to take her because she is the “family pet” afterall. Secretly, this is a good thing because dogs are expensive…shhhh. BUT this awesome new dog hammock makes stealing her for the day travel that much easier!

Sienna, my chocolate lab, is considered a large dog weighing in at around 75 pounds. She easily fits in the back of my mid-size SUV, but it was a little cumbersome in Kyle’s Passat.

Enter, dog hammock.

I was sent the Wander Dog Hammock from Kurgo and so far it is fabulous!

The hammock comes in a carrying case (thing with handles in the photo) and it easily folds up for tidy storage.

kurgo wander dog hammock

The instructions/paper is there for size reference (a normal 8.5″x11″ piece of paper)

I was able to easily remove the hammock from the case, unfold it, and it was super easy to install. The first install was in a 2000 VW Passat (I’m giving you the cars for size references). It took under 5 minutes, and it took that long because it was the first time.

sienna kurgo wander dog hammock

It hangs between the front seats and back seats, eliminating the dog dreaded foot well AKA “that evil space that punishes me and eats me when I don’t lay down like my owners tell me to” (this is how Sienna described it).

It is waterproof and machine washable- definitely necessary! And a feature I love is that it has cut outs where you could attach the dog harness/seatbelt to the human seatbelt and safely secure the dog. It also has a center zipper that allows you to reduce the size of the hammock and make room for a human passenger in the back!

Here is the second install in a 2000 Lexus RX 300. It was even faster to install (maybe 1 minute with 2 people).

kurgo dog hammock sienna

Most importantly, Sienna loved it! You could tell she felt comfortable and she was excited to go on our next adventure! As it is used more and more, I’ll be sure to update you all!

Disclaimer: I received a Kurgo Dog Hammock in exchange for a product review. All opinions are my own.

How do you travel with your dog?

Do you have any fun dog facts?

Are you obsessed with your dog/pets?

Holiday recapping- yes I know I’m late

I’m backkkk! Sorry folks. I know I’m a horrible blogger. Work was busy, grad school started up again (and this quarter is going to be killer), and I’m taking on some home projects which I can hopefully share with you soon! Let’s just jump back in!

Brief running update:

Note to self: Don’t take so much time off from running. It will suck when you start back up again.

After my first marathon in November, followed by my half marathon 1 week later, followed by a 10K race 2 weeks later, I took some much needed time off from running. After that 10K Turkey Trot (on Thanksgiving), I didn’t run again until early December. And then I ran only and handful of times in that month. More on this later.


December was hectic with finals/papers for grad school, wrapping up projects at work, and making sure to have all the family time possible!

Christmas Eve, since forever, we meet up with my parents’ college friends’ family (who we consider our aunt, uncle, cousins) and my mom’s side of the family. We usually go out to eat cause no one wants to cook the day before a lot of cooking. This year we got Italian take-out and had game night!

christmas eve

Our Christmas Eve tradition- the kid group

Christmas morning, Kyle and I got up SUPER early to exchange stocking stuffers (this year we decided no big presents since we bought a house and we are now “house poor”). After that we drove to my parents’, did present exchanging, and then we were off to Kyle’s parents’ house for present exchanging and breakfast!

BTW this is one thing my sister and I got our dad. the frame says, “Daddy’s girls” and our shirts say, “Classy, sassy, and a bit smart assy.” Weird family, I know.

daddy's girls christmas present

This was the first Christmas Kyle and I “shared.” By this I mean, we went to Christmas celebrations together instead of splitting up like previous years. This year we went to his family’s house for most of Thanksgiving, so most of Christmas day was spent with my family. Next year we’ll swap! (BTW we always see both families, but the year determines where we spend the majority of the time)

So after Christmas breakfast and presents with Kyle’s family, we left for my aunt and uncle’s house to do Christmas with my dad’s entire family. Yep- lots of driving! Luckily, Kyle and I grew up only 4 miles apart so that “trek” is easy.

annie, sydnie, me, ally cousins christmas

(Girl) Cousin love on Christmas

kyle me christmas

Kyle and myself on Christmas at my aunt and uncle’s house

Luckily, my office shuts down completely from Christmas Eve till after New Year’s. I got to do a lot of fun activities and not worry about school!

Some hiking with Kyle's family in our new neighborhood

{Instagram} Some hiking with Kyle’s family in our new neighborhood

And taking my family’s family dog to my house for sleepovers :)

We went on runs and walks together :)

{Instagram} We went on runs and walks together :)

I also went to Cirque du Soleil in the city (what us Bay Area natives call San Francisco) with my BFF (this was her Christmas present from me)!

{Instagram} Nothing like watching supreme athletes with 0% body fat to make you feel inadequate

{Instagram} Nothing like watching supreme athletes with 0% body fat to make you feel inadequate

The rest of my vacation was filled with sleeping in, more family time, eating, prepping for school, eating, being obsessed with my dog, and minimal running- more on that later.

I/Sienna even got to try out our new dog hammock from Kurgo! I know a lot of you are dog owners so I’ll do a review on that in a separate post soon!

kurgo dog hammock sienna

Happy New Year to all my friends!

How do you split up the holidays with family and friends?

Favorite thing to do while on a holiday break- go!

How many desserts did you eat over the holidays :)?

Are you class, sassy, and/or smart assy?

Things that matter Thursday

Before I talk about important things, I just wanted to say that if you are what you eat, I will shortly be turning into a microwave protein muffin (click for recipe).

chocolate covered banana microwave muffin gnc puredge

Since I’ve been gone for so long, I haven’t had a chance to share some important things in my life!

This glass sculpture thing, custom made with my cat’s ashes.

snickers paper weight

A lot of you know my cat passed (<– don’t click that link if you don’t like reading sad stories) back in August. Obviously I took it very hard, as she was my buddy since I was 7 years old. My awesome parents had this little glass sculpture, containing some of Snickers’ ashes, made for me (about the size of a baseball). The colors are the colors of her eyes, so whenever I look at it, it reminds me of her (in a good way).

Edited- The talented man behind the glass ball is Hugh from Big Island Glass.

This nutcracker.

49 nutcracker

I know it looks like a simple and obnoxious football fan nutcracker, but to me it means so much more.

Back in high school my grandmother passed suddenly, 2 weeks before my graduation. Her health had been slowly declining, but it all hit us like a ton of bricks. She was a HUGE fan of the SF 49er’s (and Giant’s), thus my family was too.

Fast forward to very late 2013- my grandpa gave all of the grandchildren some money that was “from Grandma.” Normally I would immediately put that money into savings (or investments). However, my dad told my sister and I that we could put it into savings, but also think about buying 1 thing that reminds us of our grandmother. I immediately thought of a 49er nutcracker because every Christmas since I can remember, my grandma would give me a nutcracker.

This gingerbread house.

gingerbread house

My favorite part of the holidays is the family time! This year at Thanksgiving, my aunt bought 2 gingerbread house kits and had all the cousins compete against each other (boys against girls). So. Fun. (Except the boys won…)

cousins thanksgiving gingerbread house

And lastly (this one is more of an exciting announcement)

nuun ambassador

I was picked as a Nuunbassador! SOOOOOOOOOO excited! I LOVE this brand and it’s something I use on a very regular basis. I not only use Nuun for running purposes, but ANYTIME I feel dehydrated!

Share something that matters to you!

Do you ever make gingerbread houses?

Do you have anything that reminds you of a loved one?