18 miles and a belated birthday dinner

This past Saturday I ran my farthest distance- 18 miles! After my 7:30-9:30 class ended (The Principles and Practices of Epidemiology), I met up with Michelle to run!

run michelle me

I’ve said this before, but she’s an amazing runner AND an amazing running partner. She knew just what to say to keep me going through those 18 miles. She even made me do 1/4 mile pick-ups at the end of our run…

run quarry lakes

I was probably swearing in my head during this photo, but man am I glad she made me do that! If our schedules align, we will be doing a 20 miler coming up! And before you know it, it’s time for me to taper!

After my run, a shower, and a quick nap, it was time to get ready for Kyle’s (belated) 25th birthday celebration with his parents!

kyle me 25th birthday dinner

We went to Forbes Mill Steakhouse (highly recommended if you live in the Bay Area). The restaurant even printed a special message on the menus at our table! How cute is that?

kyle 25th birthday forbes mill

We all LOVED our meals (I had the most amazing salmon!) and were ready to unbutton our pants by the end of dinner. Luckily I remembered that my mom told me this was frowned upon at fancy establishments so we refrained.

forbes mill wine glass

Sunday I woke up feeling sick. Womp womp. And the first thing I said to myself when I woke up (other than, “man I have to pee”) was, “Damn I’m glad I got that 18-miler done yesterday!” No way I could have completed 18 miles feeling the way I did on Sunday (and today).

One thing that cheered me up was my baby Sienna coming to visit me.

sienna me

She’s staying for a few sleepovers this week! I was a little worried that she might be nervous in a different home, but she seemed to settle in nicely

kyle and sienna

Throw the damn ball human with weird leg!

How was your weekend?

Who ran this weekend?

Do you ever puppy-sit?

Friday Five- Marathon Training Update

Hey friends! Long time no talk!

I’m so freaking excited that it is Friday because I’m pooped. I was going to say that I’m excited to sleep in tomorrow but then I remembered I have a 7:30AM class followed by an 18 mile run. That’s what Sunday will be for then?

Here are 5 random updates from my week!

1. Marathon training is going so-so.

I’m really sticking to those long runs, but my mid-week recovery runs have been slipping through the cracks. I’ve been incredibly busy lately and that seems to be the first thing to go. Some days I’ll do a quick strength training workout instead of running, but I know those runs are important. Need to work on that next week…

15 mile run garmin

2. I started grad school this week!

On Wednesday I had my very first class (The Biologic Basis of Disease in Public Health) towards my Masters in Public Health! I’m sure half of you just yawned. But I was excited, nervous, and stressed! So much work to do for school now…

3. I’m running 18 miles on Saturday with my friend Michelle!!

Santa Cruz Half Marathon 4.13.14-14

She paces a lot of half marathons and marathons! This was us at the Santa Cruz Half.

Normally I’d be super nervous (I still am) about tackling that distance, but knowing that I’m running with my very experienced, speedy runner friend put me at ease. She BQ’ed earlier this year ya know!


If you know me in real life then you probably misread that as, “I love falling.” I’m a clumsy person…

I’m probably the only person who gets really excited when they start selling fall decor, costumes, candy, etc. the day after Independence Day.

This is me when I walk into those stores. I’m assuming I’m super embarrassing to shop with.

Most people get grumpy about seeing Halloween costumes up in July and Snowmen for sale in October, but I love it! I just love celebrating things!

I even wanted to start decorating for Fall and Halloween at the end of August. I made myself wait until the actual first day of fall. And I literally hung this up on the first day of fall. It was actually even more exciting for me because this is Kyle and my first fall/holiday season together in our new home!

fall wreath

P.S. Kyle made that wreath for me from branches from his family vineyard! I added the ribbon and change it for different seasons :)

5. My doggy is coming to visit me this Sunday!

She will be having a few sleepovers with us. I’m pretty excited to show her our new house (yes I just said that about a dog) and take her on many walks around my new stomping ground.

walk sienna

This little one on the other hand probably isn’t as excited because she is kind of an attention whore. (She actually likes tormenting playing with my dog, but she really does like to be the center of attention too)

You shall not pass.

What’s the password you weird looking large and smelly cat?

Have any tips on how to stay on top of those mid-week runs?

Does running with a friend make running “scary” distances easier for you?

Do you love fall? Do you love early decorations?

Few Words Wednesday


8 mile run.

Moderate pace. Weird how that distance used to be my long run on the weekend and now it is part of my mid-week recovery running! Progress people. Progress.

halloween candy

Stocking up on Halloween candy that I can find on sale. Strategically placed out of my reach ;) My other strategy is to purchase chocolate candy (which I won’t eat since I’m not a chocolate lover). This is the first year that Kyle and I will have trick-or-treaters (he lived on a hill and I lived on a tiny private street) and I’m pretty excited.


I got to see my puppy over the weekend! As you can tell she really missed me…I’m also really excited because she is going to be staying with Kyle and me for a little bit at the end of the month! Sleepover party!


Couch sharing with a cat. I sat down first but she wears the (fur) pants in this relationship.

Anddddd the winner of my free Spartan Race entry is…

spartan race entry winner

Congrats Bob!

The winner was chosen randomly with Rafflecopter. The winner was notified via email today.

Thanks for those who participated!

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

How early do you start stocking up on candy?