3 Words per Picture- Birthday Edition

I love HRG’s “x words per picture” posts so I thought I’d give it a try to sum up Kyle’s birthday!

Balloons in bathroom

kyle 25th birthday balloons

So he could wake up to something fun :)

Dutch Baby breakfast


[Instagram] Yes that’s what it’s called and yes there were many jokes at breakfast

Pizza for dinner

kyle 25th birthday pizza

pizza muffins

Kyle’s favorite, Pizza Muffins

LEGO cake awesomeness

kyle 25th birthday lego cake

Through the ages

kyle 25th birthday scrapbook

Kyle and I agreed not to buy each other birthday presents this year since, ya know, we bought a house and are poor now ;) So I made a present (scrapbook) #loophole

Another oldie of my favorite person

Another oldie of my favorite person

Happy Birthday Kyle!

kyle 25th birthday lego cake

If I were to make you a cake, what would you request?

Favorite birthday dinner?

Here’s my number, so call me crazy

I’m back!

Hi friends! I cannot thank you enough for your support. You have no idea how much you have helped me with the loss of my kitty. Your kind words meant the world to me. I’m doing much better now (obviously still miss her but I’m getting to a good place).

Let’s talk about happy things shall we?

Along with kitty drama (that’s what we’ll call it), Kyle and I moved and have been living in our new house! All I can say is projects, projects, projects. Hopefully I can keep up frequent blogging with house stuff, grad school, and running ;)

Insert short joke here.

The day we got the keys. Insert short joke here.

About that running…

39.3 is the number I am referring to in the title of this post. 39.3 miles to be more precise.

A few weeks ago, my friend Michelle (she is a crazy amazing runner), asked me if I wanted to run the Morgan Hill Marathon. She is pacing it and wanted to give me a race entry (nicest. person. ever.)! I have been going back and forth for a while now- to run or not to run a full freaking marathon? This seemed like the perfect opportunity to me.

So that’s right. I am currently in training for my FIRST MARATHON! I don’t have as many weeks as I would have liked to start training, so we are playing it by ear. Basically, if I don’t feel ready when we get close, I will switch to the half marathon. Not worth an injury! And I have no time goals- just FINISH the damn thing.

Yesterday's slow training run

Yesterday’s slow training run

Now, the number I said was 39.3. But Amy, a marathon is 26.2 miles.

Well…I had already signed up to run the Berkeley Half Marathon which just so happens to fall…one weekend after the Morgan Hill Marathon.

So, if all goes according to plan, I will be running my first marathon followed by a half marathon 1 week later. The half I will obviously run slowly and just for fun.

I think I may be crazy. And this is why you shouldn’t make big decisions after going through a traumatic experience. Friends, remind me of this if I ever want to get a haircut after losing a pet.

Marathon runners- gimme yo advice!

Any funny first marathon stories?

Tips for running races, back to back weekends (or sooner)? Scott, we’re looking at you ;)

Am I crazy?

7 Miles for Snickers

Disclaimer: If you don’t like reading sad things, skip this post. I try to keep this blog happy, but it is also my space to get things off my chest. I don’t like to talk about my feelings/ problems in person, so writing this is to help me cope with a loss.

P.S. I apologize for being super absent in the blog world recently. I just haven’t had the energy/time to be present.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know that my cat passed last week- actually 1 week from today. Unless you’re an animal/pet person, it’s hard to understand this type of loss. The way I see it, I lost a best friend.

Some of you may think I’m being dramatic, and that’s okay. I do me, and you do you. I’m the type of person that talks to her pets and thinks of them as my babies. But I know many people don’t feel that way.

I’ve had this kitty since I was 7 years old. We essentially grew up together. She may have grew older than me, but she was my baby and I was her mama.

We adopted Snickers from a local animal feed store. The day my rabbit died, I apparently wouldn’t stop crying. My dad couldn’t take it any more so he told my mom that we had to find me something. Anything. My mom started calling around to find out if anyone had kittens. She randomly called our local feed shop and they happened to get a kitten that day. I call it fate because this feed shop doesn’t typically carry animals (only sometimes chicks and ducks). But serendipitously, some little boy had found Snickers –> his dad let him keep her –> they didn’t tell mom –> mom made them get rid of her. Their loss, my gain.

This is Snickers the day we brought her home.


She was a tiny little thing that could fit in the palm of your hand!

Snickers started out as the family kitty, but quickly became my pet.

She only came when I called her- she ran from everyone else.

She greeted me at the front door whenever I came home.

She showered with me. Yep. Not so much in her later years, but for most of her life, she would follow me to the bathroom and when I would open the shower door (after the water was warm of course- mama didn’t raise no dummy), she would hop on in.

We played fetch together. Yes. She actually chased after whatever I threw (usually a large hair band), picked it up with her mouth, and brought it back to my lap.

Without fail, she would sit on my lap within 5 minutes of me sitting/laying down. She could be asleep in a closet somewhere, but if I sat down on the couch, my bat signal must have turned on and BAM she was there. She had to sit on my books and keyboard as I studied. She would sit behind me, on my chair, when I ate dinner. I always thought this was funny, but now it is the thing I miss more than anything.

I could go on and on about how much time we spent together over the years, but I think you get the picture- we were close.


This was taken the day before she passed. And she pulled my hand there.

Back in February, we found out she had a tumor in her small intestines. You can read the full details here, but basically there was not much we could do but prolong the inevitable. The vet thought she would only last a month, tops, so I guess you could say I’m lucky? I knew we were in for a battle and I knew I had to treasure every moment I had with her.

My philosophy with pets is that if they get sick, I will fight that battle along side them no matter what, until they give up and decide it is their time. It is not my place to keep a pet alive if they no longer want that for themselves.

Snickers hadn’t given up yet. So, we fought on.

I bought her every brand and flavor of canned cat food to keep her always wanting more food. She ate >5x/day, but still lost weight. We started giving her subcutaneous fluids to help her kidneys out. And we took her in for cortisone injections (helps with the tumor).

About a week before her passing, I could tell Snickers wasn’t doing well. And last week (the week she passed), she still wanted to eat and drink, she just had a hard time doing so. She grew weaker and weaker, but still wanted to be fed if it was by hand.

Thursday the 7th. She hardly wanted to move. She was incredibly weak. And she no longer wanted food. Somehow I knew that Friday would be her last day.

We spent Thursday afternoon and evening cuddling on my bed. She had the strength to crawl on to one of her favorite spots to lay on me, my neck. And that night I let her sleep on my bed.


At around 2 AM, I heard her jump off the bed. She tried to get up and was unsuccessful. She was trying to hide from me.

(A lot of times, pets/animals will run away or hide to die. It’s instinctual.)

I knew she was leaving to go pass on her own. I picked her up and knew she only had minutes left. I placed her in my lap, and pet her and told her it was okay and that I love her. No tears were shed. Animals can sense fear. I did not want to her be scared. She took her last breath. I continued to pet her until I was sure she was gone. Then I wrapped her up in a towel that my grandma had made me. And then I started sobbing uncontrollably.

I was so loud that I woke my mom up. She comforted me until Kyle came over. I’m fairly certain I cried myself to sleep that night.

Friday day was unbelievably hard. I stayed in bed and barely ate/drank (only when forced to). I felt like things would never get better and I never wanted another pet. I just kept playing her death over and over and over in my head. Was there something more I could have done? Should I have put her down on Thursday? Did she suffer? Am I selfish?

Saturday was the same, except for a run. I needed to run. I wanted to dedicate it to Snickers, but 17 miles (her age) would have been stupid as my body has not trained for such a distance. 7 miles, the age I got her, it was.

7 brutal miles. Many tears shed. I felt weak the entire run. I don’t even remember a run being that hard. Maybe when I first started running? I spent those miles thinking about all the good memories we had together, trying to force Friday’s horrible images out of my head.

Here we are, a week later. I still miss her so much. It’s when I’m either doing nothing, or doing routine things that really bums me out- when I open the front door and she’s not there, when I shower and she’s not in between the 2 curtains, and when I sit down on the couch and no one comes to jump in my lap.

That being said, I’m doing much better. I keep busy and it forces me not to think about it. I’ve lost 2 dogs growing up, so I know eventually the pain goes away. Slowly, I’ll accept that she’s gone and at peace. Slowly.


Why my hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.

Thank you thank you thank you to all your kind words yesterday! You guys are the best! I hope to catch up on blogging at lunch today so we can chat then ;)

So I just decided to join HRG in her NO Sugar for 21 days attempt. This could alternatively be named, “Stay away from Amy for 21 days.” I’ll let you pick ;)

By this I mean, no processed and added sugars (natural sugars in fruits, veggies, etc. don’t count obviously). I have noticed that I have become addicted to sugary things. I’m an “everything in moderation girl” BUT lately I have noticed I seriously crave something sweet late at night (Oh and I’m 80 so by “late at night” I meant 8 PM). I never eat anything big, usually a single piece of candy (if anything), but I don’t like the fact that my body screams, “I NEED IT!”

So who is with me?? This is going to be so hard because I have several parties coming up…but let’s do this! I even created a countdown in my sidebar because I’m that addicted weird (note that I did not start this today).


Recently I was invited to join the Writing Process Tour by a few of my favorite ladies:

Lauren @ NY Life Supply

Lauren/Salt @ Run Salt Run

Jenna @ Little Green Running Shoes

Thank you so much ladies! It means a lot when blogs that I love to read actually like to (occasionally) listen to my rambling face. When I started blogging, I expected 2 people to read my blog. The only 2 that “had” to read it- my boyfriend, Kyle, and my mom. So to be asked to join this writing tour is quite an honor. All of these ladies have amazing blogs so please check them out!

The idea of this Writing Process Tour is to connect blog readers, writers, and the blog writers’ processes. I picked 3 other blogs to connect with, who will then repeat the process!

I’ve been following Anne for quite some time now. I think I fell in love with her blog for the obvious reason- we are both obsessed with sweets. We also share the same views on frozen yogurt (although she calls it froyo which I. just. can’t. It’s okay. I forgive her ;) )- and that view is that if you aren’t getting judgy looks from other people in the line, you don’t have enough frozen yogurt. She posts the most amazing recipes/food pics, and her blog just always makes me smile. Anne is an amazing and super speedy runner. She truly loves to just run- no pressure, no training plans, just run. Oh and she can “just run” a 1:39 half marathon NBD.

Karen is my curly-haired sista (because all people with curly hair are related FYI). She is HILARIOUS, sarcastic, and super smart, all qualities I require out of my friends ;) I can’t remember how I started reading her blog, but all I know is that I’m hooked because every time I read it, I LOL at least once. Karen is another super speedy and amazing runner. She’s BQ’ed (Boston Qualified) ya know (ran a 3:34 marathon)!! She’s adorable and I love that she trains with her dad all the time. As much as I love her/her blog, I don’t think I would ever want to explore foreign territory with JUST her. We are both navigationally incompetent and require a tour guide.

Scott is my hilarious, super runner friend. He is sarcastic and gives me a hard time, which is important in all my friendships ha! I’ve been following his blog for most of my blog-life existence and he cracks me up every day. His picture captions (and I’m fairly certain I’m the only one who reads them) are the best and he’s always off doing awesome stuff like meeting famous people. I like that he tries to eat healthfully and naturally (but of course everything in moderation). He is a superstar runner and yogaman (new name?). Did you know he did the Dopey Challenge? For those of you unfamiliar, that’s a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon in 4 days. Whattttt? Yeah. He’s either very awesome or incredibly crazy. I’ll let you decide.

Now on to the boring part: my blogging secrets (aka my blogging “process,” if you could really call it a process)

Here are the 4 questions to answer:

1. What am I working on?

Right now I am getting ready to move to a new house that my boyfriend (of >5.5 years) and myself just purchased! So I am packing, packing, packing, stressing, and Oooo something shiny.

I also just got into graduate school, so I am busy registering for classes, filling out forms for financial aid, stressing about money, etc. Through all this, I try to keep my healthy lifestyle by continuing to run and workout. Unfortunately some of this gets pushed aside, but I do my best. I guess you could say life is a little hectic right now, but definitely in a good way.

2. How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?

Hmmm I don’t know that I would say my work is different, but I’d like to think that I give you guys a sense of my personality through my blog, and everyone’s personality IS different! I’m just an average runner, I love to bake/cook, I love to workout, and I love nutrition. I have a B.S. in physiology and metabolism, so sometimes when I feel like y’all need something to put you to sleep, I share some of that information. Other than that, I just share my story.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I started my blog a little after I started training for my first half marathon. Most of you probably know this, but back in 2010 I was in a car accident and injured my back. Prior to this event, I was starting to train for a half marathon. Post-accident, I was told that I probably couldn’t run again. I was sad/angry, had a pity party, and then started reading running blogs (my favorite was Skinny Runner who doesn’t blog anymore). All these amazing runners (some had overcome major injuries) inspired me to start running again. I trained and ran differently and realized I COULD do it!

I decided to start blogging about my journey. I wanted to keep myself accountable for those workouts. If I had to run x miles, I was more likely to do it if I shared it with the world. More importantly, I wanted to inspire at least 1 person to go for their goals! It’s okay if you hit road blocks! Find a detour and move on :)

4. How does your writing process work?

Haha I don’t know if you could call what I do a “process.” There really is no organization to it and I rarely plan posts days in advance. (This actually surprised me because I’m a very organized person outside of this blog. I guess this is my “be free” time?) I almost always write a post the night before it is published. Occasionally I’ll have a topic that I want to write about, and then I will start a draft in my posts folder to remind me later and to get my thoughts out.

Typically, I sit down and just start writing. I’ll include any workouts and then some random life stuff and just hope it turns out somewhat interesting. If I have an event I am going to, I try to take photos and mentally note things that I want to write about. However, I also believe it is important to live in the moment and I don’t want to be worrying about my blog instead of having fun!

I love that some blogs have organized daily posts (“Marvelous Monday,” “What I Ate Wednesday,” “Friday Faves,” etc.) but that’s just not my style to participate in that every single week. I like to participate in these posts occasionally, but sometimes I have nothing interesting to say! I don’t want to crank out a post just because it is “Friday Faves” day and then bore you to death. And lesbihonest, some Mondays are not marvelous ;)

I’m no blogging expert so please don’t see this as a “how to” guide. I just do what I want and do what works for me. It’s a lot of hit or miss, but I think it’s important to just have fun with it. Remember, readers aren’t stupid and we all know when people are just posting to get something out for that day and to get followers.

Again, a huge thank you to Lauren, Lauren, and Jenna! I hope y’all check out all these amazing bloggers :)

Will you join me for 21 days of no sugar?

How long do you think I can last?

Are you an organized blogger?