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Happy Monday everyone! I have been crazy busy lately (work and personal life) and have had no time to post on my blog or even read my favorite blogs. Hopefully this will change this week!

Last week I had some pretty great workouts:

I even got to run with Kyle. For some reason I have lost my motivation to run on weekends. I asked if he wanted to workout together and he suggested a ~3 mile run! I jumped on this opportunity as he hates running. ~3 hilly, sweaty (always sexy when you sweat more than your boyfriend…), awesome miles.

run kyle me

I had some good food:

turkey burger quinoa carrots dinner

(Bunless) turkey burger, quinoa, and roasted carrots

On Friday, my friend reminded me that it was 7/11 and that 7-11 gives out free slurpees. This is why I only become friends with smart people. Right there.


[Instagram] Kyle surprised me with this one to share! He originally told me that he didn’t think he would make it home in time to go.

Oh and a pretty freaking awesome (early) house-warming present from my aunt and uncle. My dog could have crapped in my hand and I still would have been happy cause of this present. You know how people say you shouldn’t give appliances as gifts (mainly applies to spousal giftage)? Yeah well clearly these people weren’t given Vitamix’s.


The king of all blenders and one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I was so sad to move out and not have my parents’ Vitamix to use…problem solved

On to some fun stuff! Last week, a couple of my favorite bloggers nominated me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.”


Honestly, I feel incredibly honored to be given an award for being “inspiring.” My goal for this blog was to inspire others to live healthy, happy lifestyles, sooo…

I kid ;)

But seriously, huge thank you to Jenna @ Little Green Running Shoes and Lauren @ Run Salt Run! Even better when I greatly respect these 2 awesome bloggers :)

The Rules:
Thank and link to the person who nominated you
List the rules and display the award
Share seven facts about yourself
Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated
Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you

My 7 facts:

  1. Although I love running now, when I was younger, running the timed mile in PE was seriously one of the worst days of the year for me. I have never been a strong runner, but there’s something great about facing that weakness and working at improving myself.
  2. I love clothes, but I hate shopping for them and putting together outfits. If I could, I would have a stylist who would dress me every day so I wouldn’t have to think about it. And they would know the most flattering fits, colors, etc.
  3. In college I took a fitness bootcamp class 5 days/week. I got up before 5AM to make it to the 5:30AM class. It was awesome and I wish I had the funds to take one again. But man I don’t know how I got up that early. every. day.
  4. I am the oldest cousin (first cousin) in my family. I love it and it can suck all at the same time. I’m a responsible person who likes to take care of people, so the order of birth fit. It’s also great to give advice and hopefully let my cousins learn from my mistakes. That being said, it can suck to be the guinea pig.
  5. I used to weigh myself a lot. My weight would determine how I felt about myself that day. This was stupid for many reasons, but one of them being that my weight fluctuates a lot (especially morning to night) due to water consumption. Once I finally made that obvious connection (weight to mood), I decided to STOP weighing myself and instead, judge my fitness/health by my level of activity, diet, and lezbe honest, how my clothes fit. Now I weigh myself every couple of months (if that) and I’m much happier :) Remember, weight is just a number and it doesn’t really tell you how healthy you are!
  6. If I could have my dream job (remember we’re dreaming here), it would be that I was an heiress to billions of dollars and I would spend my time creating and running charities, rescuing and rehabilitating animals, and baking and bringing treats to hospitals, shelters, and soup kitchens. Oh and blog of course ;). K parents, bring on those billions!
  7. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people complain a lot and blame the world/others for their problems. I’m all about listening to friends’ problems and helping them out (or just letting them vent), but if you’re all talk and no action, you need to shushhhhh. I’m sorry, but if you’re complaining about something you CAN change- you need to go away and come back to me when you’re done.

My nominations (I tried not overlap too much with these girls):

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How was your weekend?

Anyone else get a free Slurpee?

Tell me something random about yourself.

Does it bug you when people complain about things over and over and over again?

Can it be the weekend yet?

Hi friends! Anyone wishing that it was already the weekend? Just me?

This week didn’t start off great. I was battling some sinus issues all of Sunday (at the time I thought I was getting sick) = cranky Amy. Woke up on Monday feeling like garbage still. This is basically how my day went:

5:00 AM
What’s that incessant ringing coming from the foot of my bed? Ugh. Alarm. Ugh I don’t feel good. I’m not getting up to workout. *Resets alarm*

If you’re wondering why my alarm is at the foot of my bed- I have 2 alarm clocks. 1 on my phone at the foot of my bed and 1 on my nightstand. I have a tendency to sleep through loud noises e.g. alarm clocks, fire alarms, etc. Some people pick life partners based on love. I pick them based on their ability to wake up in the middle of the night to a fire alarm and save my life. I kid Kyle. Love you <3

5:01 AM
Meow. Meow. Meow. Meooooooowwwwwww. Cat heard my alarm clock and now must be fed because apparently she thinks she hasn’t eaten in weeks. *Feeds both cats*

5:10 AM *Crawled back into bed*
I am now talking myself into working out. “Just do it. You won’t have time this evening and you’ll feel like crap if you don’t.”

5:15 AM
I’m too dizzy (side-effect of my sinus issues) and blah-feeling to run. Yoga it is. Ooo yoga feels good. Must remember that.

Fast forward through work where I felt crappy all day. Of course I pretend I’m fine and in a great mood but really I’m thinking, “Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.” I’m a peach.

4:40 PM
I went to Costco after work to pick up dinnerware for Kyle and myself. My mom had found this particular set on Sunday and took a photo for us.

dinnerware costco

Basically we want something that’s not completely hideous but also cheap. This was $19.97 for a 20 piece set. Great deal!

My mom and I could’t find it at Costco. Whoops, I found out that she saw it at a different Costco…we ask my dad if he can pick up a few on the way home from work. He obliges. I now have to say he’s the coolest dad ever. Family obligations are hard.

Also found Nuttzo at Costco. This quickly changes my mood from :| to :) #loser

nuttzo costco

7:00 PM
Drive over to Kyle’s house to hang out. I can’t wait until we live together and we won’t have to schedule hangout times.

We played 4 games of pool. I won twice…by default. He knocked in the 8 ball prematurely. I was majorly sucking so I’ll take the wins. We also made the game interesting (loose term) by doing pistol squats every time we missed a shot.

And that was my “exciting” day. I woke up today to run in the AM but my head was bad still. This means speedwork on the treadmill tonight because I don’t run outside when it’s 90F.

Do your pets get up as soon as they hear your alarm clock?

The last impulse purchase you made at Costco- go!

Tell me something random about your day!

Run San Ramon- My first 10K race!!

I hope all my American friends had an awesome 4th of July weekend! And I hope my non-American friends had a fantastic weekend!

I certainly had a great 3-day weekend! Friday was my first 10K race ever (Run San Ramon). Now, obviously I have run the 10K distance since I’ve done half marathons before. But this was my first official 10K race!

Friday I woke up at 5:50AM to eat (toast with peanut butter), get some fluids in me (1 glass of Nuun and 1 glass of water), and get dressed for my 4th of July 10K. My mom and I left our house at 7 to go pick up Kyle. We had no issues finding the race location and parking (one of the many benefits of participating in a local race).

I easily picked up my race bib (and free T-shirt) and then not so easily tried to affix my race bib to my running shirt. I can never do this without a mirror. I made my way to the porta-potty line which moved quickly. Loved that they had the portable sinks with soap too. For my newer runner friends, sinks with soap at races are rare (at least in my experience). Bring hand wipes and Purell unless you like running with poop hands.

About quarter-till the start time, I wanted to line up by the starting line. Actually the direction of the start was unclear so a bunch of us milled around until the director called everyone over. Before I knew it we were counting down. Crap. I forgot to sync up my watch.

The director yelled, “Go!” and we all took off. I ran by Kyle and my mom and made a frowny face cause my watch didn’t sync. I thought I was going to have to run by feel, which I’m horrible at. And then my watch satellite linked up and all was good. I could now relax.

This course was a simple loop- 5Kers ran 1 time around and 10Kers ran the loop twice. I actually preferred this because it helped me with my pacing. I brought my hand-held water bottle because I didn’t know where they would have water along the course. Glad I did. They had water in 2 spots but I was sweating a lot.

run san ramon 10k race

As I was running this race, I fell in love with the 10K. Long enough that I could get into my groove, but not as long as a half marathon where I’m exhausted the rest of the day. Before I knew it I had lap 1 down.

Lap 2 I was running by myself for most of it. A man and woman were ~30 feet in front of me, but that was it. Towards the end, we lapped a bunch of 5Kers who were walking the course. This was a little annoying because the lane was super narrow so I spent a good chunk of time weaving. I was getting tired because I swear it was (gradual) uphill most of the race. My last mile I tried to pick up the pace cause I knew I would be cutting it close to my 55:00 goal.

run san ramon 10k race

Official time- 54:47 (8:50 pace). I’m bummed because this time isn’t accurate. We had chips in our bibs but there was no chip start (only chip end). They gave everyone the same start time of 8:15 AM (which is not when most of us crossed the starting line). So most of our times are actually faster than our official times. Oh well.

My mom and Kyle quickly found me after I crossed the finish line. We chatted and then checked out all the free food! They had every type of popsicle/ice cream bar you could want, bananas, oranges, cookies, bars, water, and Gatorade. Too bad post-race Amy thinks ice cream and cookies sound awful. I took cookies to-go but too bad you can’t really take ice cream to-go…they call that soup.

run san ramon 10k race

My red, white, and blue outfit was not what I had wanted to do. I ran out of time and this was the best I could come up with.

We sat around a bit so I could get some fluids, a banana, and orange in me. Then we went and spun one of those wheel things (like on the Price is Right but much smaller) to win prizes. We each won a free 1 week gym membership and a free lunch!

We were going to head out and then I heard that they were about to announce winners. I was curious to hear the times so we waited. 5Kers first. Then they did 10Kers.

I wanted to hear what I would have needed to run if I wanted to place in my age group. And then they called my name. Apparently I placed 2nd in my age group! I know it’s a small race, but it still feels good!

run san ramon 10k race

I had tons of fun during this race and cannot wait to do it again next year! Looking back, I think I could have pushed myself a little bit harder, but it’s so difficult to know how to pace yourself for your first race. Overall, I’m pleased!

Huge thank you to all the volunteers on the course! A lot of them were cheering us on, handing out water, giving us mile splits, monitoring road blocks, and shouting at drivers who were driving too fast.

And the biggest thank you to Kyle and my mom for waking up early on your day off and then receiving sweaty hugs! The. Best.

run san ramon 10k racerun san ramon 10k race

After we got home I refueled with INrefresh and a taco salad :)

taco salad

What’s your favorite race distance?

Did you race this weekend?

Ever place in a race? This was my first. A little bittersweet- it feels great to place but I also know it was a small race.

Don’t compare yourself to others- my timed mile

You guys rock! Thank you all so much for congratulating Kyle and me on our new home :) We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives and we appreciate your kind words!

Time for a weekend update!

On Saturday, Kyle asked if I wanted to work out at a park near our old high school. Of course I said YES! Plus, this would give me a chance to go to our old high school track and I could do a timed mile. Because apparently I wanted to relive high school PE?

I started with a warm-up lap and I quickly remembered how much I hate the track. I’m fairly certain that 400m on a track is wayyyy longer than 400m on a running trail. Same with a mile, and any other distance for that matter. And man my legs were not ready for this run. I think they were still beat from Thursday’s 400′s 0.3 mile repeats.

After warming up, I took off like a speeding bullet 16 year old dog with a hip replacement. I knew it was going to be a tough one when I started to feel winded during the first lap (6:30 mile pace). I started to slow down because I know I can’t maintain that pace. My next lap was still sub-7, but just barely and I wanted to quit already. Lap 3 was definitely over a 7 min pace, and I swear I felt like I had been smoking a pack a day for my whole life. During my final lap, I just kept repeating that this was my last lap and then I’m done and can go pass out in the corner.

7:16 mile. Not bad. For some reason I wasn’t super happy with my time, even though I should be because the last time I did a timed mile it was 7:46.

I think a part of me was disappointed because it felt harder than I thought it should (but that’s stupid because it’s supposed to feel hard). And the other part of me was disappointed because so many of my blog friends are super speedy and this is their average pace on most runs.

And then I remembered (much later) that I need to stop comparing myself to other runners. Celebrate your friends’ successes, but don’t use it to diminish your accomplishments. The only person I should compare myself to is past Amy, and I’m much faster than her :)

After ridding that feeling of suffocation and death, Kyle and I did some pistol squats. They hurt so good. I decided that I will try to incorporate them into my workouts because they are awesome and burn and hurt. But seriously, I was able to pin point my week spots in my lower body when I was doing them.

After some arms and abs, Kyle and I went to buy/pick up a couch that I had found on Craigslist. I know, super sketch, but this lady turned out to be really sweet and only offer me candy to get into the back of her van twice. I kid. She really was very kind.

The couch is in great condition but it has this bad musty smell. We were planning on steam cleaning it anyways, but now this is an absolute must. If you have any tips, please please share!

Oh and then back at Kyle’s house, he gave me our house warming present (which he spent way too much on!) and he was simultaneously named, “Best Boyfriend Ever.”

kitchen aid mixer

Seriously cannot wait to use this bad boy. Would it be weird to whip this out just to scramble my eggs?

The rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful except for a leaky pipe at my parents’ house (we don’t move to our new house for about a month). Our neighbors discovered that our pipe that runs from the water main to our house was leaking. Fan-freaking-tastic.

My parents were out of town at a wedding, so they asked Kyle to help me shut off the water (apparently it is hard to turn off). Of course Kyle, living up to his Best Boyfriend Ever title, decided to investigate and temporarily fix the problem until we could call a professional. 5 hours later he had stopped the leaking enough so that the water could be turned on for the evening. (We shut it off again this AM, until someone takes a look at it)

And that’s about it! Ran an incredibly slow 2.5 miles this AM before work. Legs were so sore and tired that this was all I could manage. Can’t believe my 10K is on Friday! Crap, I need to find a red headband/bandana to wear!

Do you find that you compare yourself to your super speedy runner friends? STOP! :)

Ever do a timed mile?

Have any couch cleaning tips?

Ever buy anything off of Craigslist?

Friday Faves- HUGE news and not your average smoothie

HAPPY FRIDAY friends!!

So so so happy it is Friday, as this week has been exhausting because I haven’t been sleeping well.

Yesterday I did 0.3 mile repeats on the treadmill (treadmill is old and can’t read to the hundredths place) instead of 400′s. They were hard and awesome.

This AM I did an easy 5 miles :)

Now on to Friday Faves!

1. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

hair curl smoothie cream

It takes a lot of work to tame this mane! In my opinion, curly hair just naturally looks frizzy so we need a lot of product to control it. I found this “smoothie” at Target a little while ago, and I’ve been waiting to tell you about it because I wasn’t sure if it really was that good. It is. And it’s really natural. So if you have curly, frizzy hair, I highly recommend this!

holiday party kyle me

2. Mango Black Tea

mango black tea

Even though it’s summer, I drink a ton of hot tea at work to stay warm. I guess a TON of AC is better than no AC? I found this tea a few weeks ago at Trader Joe’s and have been hooked ever since!

3. My foam roller

I’ve been foam rolling (instead of stick rolling) as much as possible and my knee did NOT hurt during my speedwork yesterday!

4. Stability ball desk chair

stability ball

I have a bad back, so ergonomics are really important to me. I’ve been spending more time at my desk recently, and I’ve noticed my posture can get sloppy when I’m tired. Our company has an awesome ergonomic team and they were happy to get me a stability ball desk chair. This can help with posture because it forces you to engage your core. So far I’m loving it! And of course I’ve been bouncing around a little bit ;)

5. This living room.

house living room

Why, you ask? Well friends, this is the living room in Kyle’s and my new house!!!!! Yep!!!! We bought our first house together! I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys (sorry!!!). We’re sooooooo excited!!! Oh, and broke ;)

What hair products do you use?

Tea drinker? If so, what’s your favorite? I want suggestions :)

Have you used a stability ball desk chair?

Do you like my living room? If you say yes, you can come visit. If you say no, you get to sleep on the front lawn.